I was born in 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression. Millions of Americans were out of work and hungry. In this picture of me (January, 1933) I don't look hungry.

I've been in many conversations about the good old days and I remember many of those days. I'm also old enough to remember many bad old days during the Great Depression and the slow recovery that followed. I thought I should share some of my childhood memories.

On the following pages I've used some pictures and quotations from President Roosevelt's NEW DEAL Website and from the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Website. You are invited to visit those Web sites and read details of how progress came to Americans during and after the Great Depression.  

HDD in 1933.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat,  won the 1932 Presidential election ending a decade of  Republican control of the White House. He was sworn in on March 4, 1933. He began an immediate program of Government reforms that still benefit us today.    
Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in January 1933. He was granted virtually dictatorial powers on March 23, 1933. Thus began his failed mad march of destruction with the aim of world domination. 
When that picture was snapped in January of 1933, no one had any idea that two men, Roosevelt and Hitler, an ocean apart physically and worlds apart ideologically would have a life-changing impact on all of us.
By 1938 indications of Roosevelt's progress are evident in this picture of  Mom, Dad, baby brother Gene and me: a well-dressed family standing in front of their automobile.
By 1943 indications of Hitler's policies are evident in this picture of Gene and me. It's hard to see but I'm holding one of my prized posessions of that day - a toy wooden  replica of an Army rifle.

      This is not a story about the Great Depression, Politics, Economics,
              World War II, or History. I'm not qualified to write such
 (but I do express some opinions about how we got in and out of the Great Depression).  

This is a story about me and my childhood memories from a bygone era, with some quotations and comments to help explain conditions at the time.
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