My Grandfather, William Jasper Dickens died on February 6, 1939 at 1113 Batts Blvd. in Springfield, TN. He and Mamma Dickens had  moved from the Smith/Putnam County area to Springfield in 1910. Poppa Dickens (as he was known) had been a carpenter contractor. His outstanding traits that were impressed upon me, are that he was a good, honest man who did good work. Poppa developed a heart problem and he had to quit working. He couldn’t rest well lying down so he slept in a big chair positioned before the fireplace in his living room. He died sleeping in that chair. The family gathered for his funeral and it was conducted in that same living room. I remember the big crowd, Poppa lying in his casket and many, many flowers.

I would turn seven in August of that year and I know where we lived at that time: in a rural house on Hy.76 in Robertson County, TN near what was called the Krisle Farm. (We had lived in some nice houses in Louisville, KY after the big flood there in 1937; dad had moved to Louisville because there was much work for carpenters. I guess dad moved us back to the country for a while when Poppa died). It would be redundant to describe that house because it was just like other rural houses that I described earlier. No conveniences at all. But when we lived there I remember starting to school at Oakland School.

The Oakland Baptist Church parsonage is now located on the land that once held the Oakland School.

Oakland School was a fun place for a kid. I remember it was divided into two classrooms: one room for lower grades and one room for upper grades. There was one teacher for each room. Each room had a big pot-bellied stove for heat. There were two outhouses: one for girls and one for boys. I don’t remember much more about the school but I do remember recess and lunch time. Each child brought a sack lunch; we could eat at our desk or go outside.

Outside was fun. There was a thicket (a bunch of small trees) out back and we would climb as high as possible in a limber tree and rock back and forth in a big arc. That was as much fun as a carnival ride and there was 'no child left behind' ha.

That fun would end when dad moved us back to the Louisville area. He found a new job with a construction company so we packed up and moved again.

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