Ernest Curtis and Carrie Poole Dickens and children Howard, Gene, Larry.
Our Dickens family in the late 1930s

I have a few pictures from the 1930s that I hope to add at a later time. The picture below was made in the yard of a rural house in Tennessee. That house had none of the conveniencies that city folk enjoyed. I don't remember how long we lived there; I do remember it wasn't pleasant.  

Picture, 1930s.
Dad, Mom, and me. This was before my first brother (Gene) was born so it had to be before the summer of 1936. Dad would have been 26, Mother 22, me 4.
Obviously dad kept us well fed and well clothed ...
that's very good for a carpenter in the 1930s. I don't remember any toys (surely there were some) until I was eight or nine. Then, dad paid $2.00 for a used bicycle - the first toy I remember.

People in my generation very well remember a handsome movie star named Clark Gable.
Dad was mistaken for Clark Gable several times. Once in the Nashville Greyhound Bus station
a lady came up to dad and asked for his autograph.

This is the Poole farmhouse where I was born in 1932. This picture was made in the spring of 2005. 

In the past the house was visible from Highway 41but in the last few years I didn't see it anymore. I thought it had been torn down. This spring I decided to drive down the old road to see what had replaced the house and to my surprise the house and grounds are in excellent condition. I wanted to meet the present occupants and thank them for preserving it but no one was home. It isn't visible from from Highway 41 now because several trees hide the view. I'm not listing the address in order to preserve the privacy of the occupants.    

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