John and Nancy Dickens
John               27 (37) M  TN
Nancy            27 (34) F    TN
Matilda          15 F           TN
Amanda        14 F            TN
Mitchell         12 M           TN
Felix              11 M          TN
Elija                8 M          TN
*Joshua          5 M           TN
Jasper            3 M           TN
Newton   (Not in 1850 Census,
born in 1851). 

Joshua and Manirva Dickens
Joshua            26 (29) M  TN
Manirva          26 (28) F   TN
Martha A          5 F          TN
John W             4 M         TN
Sam'l R.             4 M        TN
Clarissa             2 F          TN
Wm V.            7/12 M      TN   

Joseph C. and Elizabeth R. Dickens
Joseph C.         44 M       NC
Elizabeth R.      37 F        NC
Jos. W.             16 M      TN
Lucinda J.        14 F        TN
James F.           12 M      TN
Susan A.         10 F         TN
Larisa E.            8 F        TN
Elizabeth B.       6 F         TN
Wm. C. A. D.    4 M       TN

Hiram and Charlotte Dickens
Hyrum            31 M        TN
Charlotte        32 F          TN
Sarah C.          11 F         TN
James A.           8 M        TN
Mary A.           5 F          TN
Sabrina T.        3 F           TN
Sam'l M         9/12 M       TN

Mary Dickens
Mary                53 F       VA
Josephine        23 F         TN
Henry               17 M      TN
Josiah              36 M       TN
Wm H              13 M      TN
Elizabeth A     11 F         TN
Jesse F              9 M       TN
Martha J           8 F         TN
Mary W            7 F         TN
John                  5 M       TN
Nicless             2 M        TN

Dickens Household
Dixon             23 M      TN
Henry            18 M       TN
James M       23 M       TN

Dickens Household
Leighton      20 M      TN
Elizabeth      18 F       TN

Dickens in the 1850 Smith County Census.
The original files are all hand written or hand printed. They are usually difficult to read. I copied my records by hand in 1987 from the Tennessee State Archives. You can test their accuracy by using a tool that wasn't available back then: Internet listings.  The following  link takes you to an alphabetical list of 1850 names on There are 48  Dickens names and beside each name are numbers that lead you to the text file of its household listing in the Census. The text files are located on that same page, below the Index files.  

This 1850 Census is very valuable to anyone doing family research. It's the first Census to list the name, age, and birth State of all household members. Before 1850, proving the identity, age, and relationship of a household member accurately using the Census alone, is almost impossible if not totally impossible. 

Just because it's written, doesn't mean it's right!!
John and Nancy Dickens are my great, great, grandparents. Do you see anything in this record that looks improbable? I didn't at first. But when information from other sources didn't add up, I began diagnosing the Census record. John and Nancy were not 12 years old when their first child was born and so on down the list.

John was 37 at Census time and 22 when Matilda was born. Nancy, in the home of her son M.A. in 1870, was reported to be 54. That makes her 34 in 1850. The error is in the original hand written record, not a later typo.  John died Feb.22, 1862. Records of his Estate closure are in my original Manuscript; proceedings lasted from1865 into 1869.

To find the birth year, put 1850 in your calculator and subtract the listed age. The result is the year of birth (if the Census taker recorded the date correctly). Remember, if a birthday is after the day the Census was taken, your result will be one year off.  

*This Joshua, age 5, is my great grandfather. He became known as Joshua Jr. and his uncle Joshua (below) became known as Joshua Sr. That was a puzzle that took many hours to figure out.  It is explained in my Manuscript. 

Joshua is a brother of John (above). He became known as Joshua Sr. 
According to his gravemarker he was born on December 24, 1820. Do the math and see that his census age here is incorrect. Manirva (Manerva) was his first wife.  After she died in 1881, Joshua Sr. married Rachel Spiva of Jackson County.  Joshua Sr. and Jr. served in the Civil war together, on the Union side (a link is below).

Joseph C. and Elizabeth Rachel were born in North Carolina.
I don't have much information on them. They were farmers and they lived on the northern side of the Cumberland River and to the north of Carthage. I know they are close kin to the Hurricane Creek Dickens family but at this time, I'm not sure of the relationship. 
I have not done any research on the 1850 Dickens families listed below.
08.  Census 1850.
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
Page 08.

Joshua Sr. died November 5, 1904. He is buried beside Manerva in the existing Dickens Cemetery at Hurricane Creek. The Estate settlements and closures for Joshua and Rachel his second wife are in my original Manuscript.

More Dickens housholds are found in the section Our Dickens Families.