Joshua Jr’s. Land Now Under Water.
This is an answer from the Corps of Engineers regarding the tract of land that was owned by Joshua Jr. Dickens next door to the original Maggart Methodist Church.

Reminder: Joshua Jr. is the son of John Jr. and Joshua Sr. is Joshua Jr’s. uncle. This relationship is explained in my Hurricane Creek section. HDD.

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Dear Mr. King,
> I’m doing family research and I’m seeking information on what cemeteries and churches were moved or covered by water when the lake was formed behind Cordell Hull Dam at Hurricane Creek which is near the area that used to be called Maggart.
> This is for the purpose of writing correct historical data for future generations. Any help that you can provide is appreciated.
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I find 4 cemeteries and 2 churches on Hurricane Creek. The cemeteries> were not relocated but the 2 churches were acquired.
Ellis Chapel> Church-Tr. 816 was acquired and, Methodist Episcopal Church - Tr. 822 was  also acquired. We do not know where the 2 churches were relocated. You may
check with someone in the area that has lived there before the project.
If you need additional information feel free to call @ (615) 736-7720.


I searched all the cemeteries and gravesites I could find in the Hurricane Creek area. There are some very old gravesites marked only with fieldstones. Unfortunately, the land that Joshua Jr owned, the old Methodist church that was located next door to Joshua, and many of the early cemeteries are now part of Cordell Hull Lake or hidden in underbrush. The old cemetery near the church was not relocated. Is there somewhere a
list of who is buried there? I imagine our first generation of TN Dickens are there. I've assumed that the
cemetery is under water; the information I received from the Corps of Engineers is unclear on that.
I've included some of my Emails to the Corps of Engineers below:

Where did the Dickens family originate? I can't answer that with certainty because I haven't been to Staffordshire, England to see the ancient records but I did find this on the Internet several months ago (if you are familiar with Internet information you know that it may or may not be correct): "This ancient Staffordshire family traces its ancestry as a family of Norman orign before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Staffordshire".

I do know that in the late 1790s - early 1800s my Dickens forefathers migrated from North Carolina to an area that became (in 1799) Smith County, TN  and settled in the valley of Hurricane Creek. I'm sorry to say that I was a few years too late in getting there. The Corps of Engineers built the Cordell Hull Dam and Lake (completed in 1973) and the water has covered much of the area that is important to our history.

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Here is a link to interesting information. House of Names is a commercial site that has interesting information on the ancient generatons.
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN