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March 23, 2007. Bob Dickens-Tobin's documentation shows that John Dickens, of Halifax NC is not the John Dickens listed in the 1820 census of Smith County TN. The John Dickens who was a son of Joseph of Halifax, applied for his Revolutionary War Pension in 1823 in Chatham County, NC and he died in that county. There is no tie then, between Joseph Dickens of Hallifax, NC and the 1820 John Dickens of Smith County, TN. 

My Dickens lineage evident to this time:
I've also done research for myself and others on the lineage of  Col. Robert Dickens, 1748 - 1808 and his three sons Jesse, William, and Samuel. They are not in my  lineage.
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

As I have often mentioned in my writings, when we reach back to the 1700s and the early 1800s in our lineage, we must depend on documentation from whatever sources that are available. Usually, this involves in-person searches of archives in federal, state, and county repositories.

I've had the good fortune to meet (by Email) another son of the Hurricane Creek "Dickens" family - Bob Dickens-Tobin who has had the opportunity to search for our forefathers in archives across America - from the counties of North Carolina to many of the most prominent archives available including in Washington, DC.

My personal research ends with John Dickens, Sr. moving from North Carolina to Smith County, TN with several of his relatives, including Henry Dickens, in the late 1790s to the early 1800s.

Bob Dickens-Tobin's research concludes that all the Dickens' who moved to the Smith County Hurricane Creek area were not only relatives, but one large family consisting of several households - and Henry Dickens was the father of this clan. 

My earlier assumption was that Henry and John Sr. were brothers. Either way, brothers or father and son, they are closely related. I'll leave it to the next generation of Dickens' to resolve that question. Bob, who is much younger than I, will publish a book in the future which will show documentation.
Doug Dickens, August 25, 2007. 

Thanks to Bob Dickens-Tobin.


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John Dickens, Sr. born between 1760 and 1780  Not yet confirmed. 
Born in North Carolina. Died circa 1838, Smith County, TN. Father of  John Jr., Edward Glover (Ned), Joshua Sr. and other children unknown to me. I couldn't locate a probate of his estate which would list all his heirs. I do have the Administrator's Settlement in Smith County closed and recorded July 11, 1840. My link to John Sr. is evident but linking  John Sr. to his father with absolute certainty is still difficult. Administrators settlement of the John Dickens Sr estate, July 11, 1840 is in the TN State Archives, Smith County files,  Roll 81 Page 25.
He is my Great Great Great Grandfather.

John A. Dickens, Jr., Rev. Born 1813 Smith County, TN. He was reported as dead on Feb. 24, 1862 at age 48, a little over a month after the battle of Fishing Creek, KY. He was a Private in the 28th Regiment of the TN Volunteers, CSA. There are several documents concerning a lengthy court battle for his estate, 1865 to 1869. He was  married to Nancy Crosslin. They were the parents of 7 children.
He is my Great Great  Grandfather.

Joshua Dickens, Jr. born 1845 Smith County, TN. Died before 1908 probably in Smith County, TN. He married Sarah C. Wommack. They had 5 sons 4 of whom were Methodist circuit riding preachers (according to my grandmother). Joshua was not a Jr. He was a minor when his father John, Jr. died and his uncle Joshua became his guardian; thereafter, they were known as Joshua Jr. and Joshua Sr. His widow Sarah filed for a Civil War 
Widows Pension in 1908. At 18 years of age he was a Private in the Union Army.  Unable to locate his death/burial records.
Joshua Jr. is my  Great Grandfather.

William Jasper Dickens born 1878 Smith County, TN. Died 1939 Robertson County, TN. Wife: Johnie Maude Campbell Dickens. 5 children. He was known as Willie or Will Dickens. He was a carpenter and well known for his honesty. He was the only child out of 5 who was not a Methodist preacher. 
He is my Grandfather.

Ernest Curtis Dickens born 1910 Robertson County, TN. Died 1974 Stamping Ground, KY. Wife (1) Carrie Mildred Poole and (2) Martha Belts and (3) Viola Comley Fields. 4 sons by (1). He was a carpenter who worked hard during the Great Depression to feed his family.
He is my Father.

Howard Douglas Dickens born 1932 Robertson County, TN. Died (not yet in 2008). Wife: (1) Rosemary Cambron and (2) Sarah Fuqua Hill and (3) Margaret E. Simon, Burford (Peggy).
My 5 children are by (1), also 14 living grandchildren (plus one who is deceased) and 5 great grandsons. (Note for future researchers: my 5 great grandsons are all from married granddaughters so surnames are not Dickens.) 

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