The Maps Our Ancestors Followed and Cenus Records Available.
Early Census records are not available for all of Tennessee. This map will show you which records are available for each Census year. At the bottom of that page you will find some more search links.Tools such as this were not available when I did  my research in the 1980's. Click on the link below.

Here is a list of all Tennessee Counties. Select a County name and you will be taken to Census information for that County. Click on the Link below.
Dickens Names. If you can't locate a Dickens name, here lists of many given names.
Ship Passengers. When did your forefathers come to America? Locating a passenger on a ship can be a long difficult search. There are many lists available and thousands that are not available. One such search site is below.

Locate Dickens' 1820 households in Smith County here:

Census Examples. Below are links to examples of why people and ages before the 1850 Census 
are so difficult to identify. The first link will take you to 1820 in Smith County. The second link will take you to 1830 in Jackson County. The Dickens' listed on each all lived in the same area. These are records that in most cases, have been typed by volunteers who laboriously deciphered copies of the old original hand-written documents. Errors and omissions are possible anywhere along the way.

When making such a search you have to know some particulars such as in this case, the County line between Smith and Jackson Counties came through the Hurricane Creek area from 1806 to 1853 so the neighborhood was split. Also remember Dickens is not always spelled as Dickens. One of the most common alternate spellings is Dickins - the e is changed to i.

Always keep in mind that a Census taker didn't have modern tools and education. There were no automobiles, no telephones, none of the conveniences that we know today. There were miles of territory to cover on foot or by horse-power. The writing wasn't always legible and precise. The people intviewed wouldn't always have correct answers to questions. There are so many variables
that we are fortunate to have any early records that survive at all.

Locate Dickens' 1830 households in Jackson County here:

Union Soldiers in the Civil War from Smith County. I searched many hours and many Web sites looking for any of my family in the Civil War. Only recently I found this beautifully constructed Web site, and there were my folks listed. Joshua Jr. is listed as an 18 year old Private and his uncle Joshua Sr. is listed as a 44 year old Private. 

Civil War in the Upper Cumberland. Please read this account of the political divisions in the 1860s. You might be surprised at how Smith County was divided between the Union and Confederate sides.

Some more Civil War sources.
To speed up the search of a Web page on the Internet, hold down the CTRL key while pressing the F on your keyboard. That will open a small box at the bottom left of your page. Type in the blank space the word you are searching for and you will immediately see if the word exists on that page. In the case of  Dickens, type Dick and you won't miss alternate spellings of Dickens.  
09. Links Page
Smith County Genealogy. Here is a good place to search.
Bob (Dickens) Tobin. Bob is a dedicated and thorough Dickens reseacher with proven Hurricane Creek roots. If you're interested in the Dickens family, you'll enjoy a visit to his Web site. 
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
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