39. XXXV. Ann Drusilla Van Sickle, the thirteenth and youngest child of Andrew and Sarah, was born in Vermillion County, Indiana, August 19, 1822. She was twice married; first, in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, July 6, 1835, to Isham S. Harding, farmer, son of Isaac Harding, of Kentucky, by whom she had one son, Henry, born March 10, 1837, who was a soldier in the Union Army, and died at Fort Snelling, Dec. 10, 1862. In 1836, they removed to Clayton County, Iowa, where her first husband, Isham S. Harding, died, and where she was next married (May 27, 1837) to Edward G. Dickens, farmer, son of John Dickens, by whom she had eleven children; William M., born March 26, 1839, who married (Nov. 22, 1864) Mary F. Baulear; Lucius N., born Jan. 8, 1841, who married (1st) (Dec. 6, 1866) Eunice E. Mead (who died March 22, 1877), and (2nd) Kate Clark, on the 18th of June, 1878; John W., born March 4, 1843, who married (Oct. --, 1872) Alice Luce; Moses E., born May 28, 1845, who married (April 15, 1872) Eveline Glover;  Saphroni C., born Aug. 28, 1847, who married (Oct. 13, 1867) Lawrence Jennings; Charles C., born Dec, 12, 1849, who married (March 5, 1872) Lucinda Glover; Harriet E., born Feb. 29, 1852, who married (Dec. 10, 1872) Clarence A. Luce; Robert R., born Aug 19, 1854, who married (Jan. --, 1872) Sarah Foote; Alice Josephine, born Feb 16, 1857, who married (Nov. 14, 1877) William Lee; Mary J., born Oct. 31, 1859; and Lillian M., born Oct. 22, 1862. Her second husband, Edward G. Dickens, was born July 15, 1815. They now (1880) live on their farm in Alamakee Co., Iowa. P.O., North McGregor, Clayton County, Iowa.
Edward Glover Dickens and Ann Drusilla Van Sickle Dickens
                (Paragraph # 39 of John Waddell Van Sickle's book.)
The following information is from

A History of the Van  Sickle Family in the United States of America
                   by John W. Van Sickle, A.M., M.D., Ph.D. 

Entered ... in the year 1880 ... in the Office of the Libriarian of Congress ... .

The opening page and Index are located here:
The Van Sickle family branch of interest to Dickens' is here: 
First, what is the connection between Ann Drucilla Van Sickle and John Wadell Van Sickle, the author
of this book? 

Andrew Van Sickle, father of Ann Drucilla, was the 3rd child of Peter and Catharine. Their 7th child was Peter, father of John Waddell Van Sickle., author of this 1880 book and a first cousin of Ann Drucilla Van Sickle Harding Dickens.

In paragraph #8 of this section of the book we find that after Ann Drusilla's father Andrew died in Indiana, her mother Sarah moved with her 11 living children to Illinois in 1827. Ann Drusilla, born August 19, 1822,
would have been 5 years old at the time of moving to Illinois.

Paragraph #39. Ann married her first husband, Isham S. Harding in 1835, in Illinois. They moved to Iowa in 1836, where her husband Isham died soon thereafter.  She would have been 14. Her first child, the son of Isham, was born March 10, 1837. The book author said she married Edward Glover Dickens on May 27, 1837 and they were the parents of eleven children. In 1880, when this book was written, they were living on their farm in Clayton County Iowa. Ann Drusilla Dickens died September 5, 1909 just a few years after her husband died.

Most of Ann's siblings also moved to Iowa in the early to late 1830's. All five of her brothers and at least one sister were early Iowa settlers. So Edward G. Dickens lived among relatives and friends at least from 1832 to the turn of the Century. 

It is common knowledge, even today, that Felix G. Dickens, son of John Dickens (Jr.) and  grandson of John Dickens (Sr.) of Smith County, TN was a visitor in Ann and Edwards' home in the 1860's.  Felix G.
was known to relatives in Iowa as a nephew of Edward Glover Dickens.

There are several ways to identify sections of  Dr. Van Sickle's book. There are his broad  Chapters identified by Given Names, his Page numbers that run in order from beginning to end , the PDF Page numbers, and the Paragraph number of each persons entry. The following is from the Chapter entitled, "Peter Van Sickle .. 189." Within that Chapter I'm using his Paragraph numbers like this #1., #2., #3., etc.
Surname: Van Sickle.    # is the paragraph number.

The underlines in the paragraph above were added by me. There is a lot of information crammed into that paragraph but the question before us is: who can say that Edward Glover Dickens is a son of John Sr. Dickens?

In 1880, Dr. John W. Van Sickle stated that: "Edward G. Dickens, farmer, son of John Dickens ... was born July 15, 1815 ... They now (1880) live on their farm in ... Clayton Co. Iowa."

Dr. Van Sickle lived and worked in Ohio. He was 13 years older than his cousin Ann Drusilla. Ann Drusilla was either in, or soon to be in Iowa when Dr. Van Sickle was born. There is no indication that he ever met Ann Drusilla. So, how would Dr. Van Sickle know anything about Ann Drusilla's husband, Edward Glover Dickens? What places him in a position to know Edward's birth date and father's name? That simple question
was answered by Dr. Van Sickle.
In the Preface to his book, special thanks is given to several Van Sickle family members who provided information to Dr. Van Sickle. Among those receiving thanks is Ann Drusilla's brother, DeWitt Clinton Van Sickle, a long time resident of and still living (then 64 in 1880) in Clayton County, Iowa.

DeWitt Clinton and his brothers were long time friends of Edward Glover Dickens, their brother-in-law, and if anyone was in a position to know the history of Edward G. Dickens in 1880, DeWitt Clinton and his brothers 

If DeWitt Clinton didn't know something, all he had to do was ask Edward. By 1880 they had both lived in Clayton County for 44 years and probably more. In 1838 they both served the first Clayton County Court as jurors. Follow the link below and go to Page 130 to read the account.
(Note: DeWitt Clinton Van Sickle was also known as D.C. Van Sickle.) 

If you are interested in reading an account of Ann Drusilla's ten brothers and sisters, they are all located in the same section of Dr. Van Sickle's book, Paragraph #'s 28 (Thomas) through 39 (Ann Drusilla). A link is provided near the top of this page. 

Dickens of Hurricane Creek

Page 4. EGD
Page 4. EGD
1. Moses E. aka Edward, died in 1880. His widow, Eveline later married Robert Ostrander.     
2. Saphronia  is the correct spelling (the a is missing in the book).
3. Lillian M. later married Joseph Gill. 
NOTE added May 9, 2008: I'm leaving the following paragraphs as written - but later research into the family of  Sarah Courtright Van Sickle Redmond, mother of Ann Drusilla, proves that some information about Sarah's family and their move to Iowa is somewhat different than one would gather from Dr. Van Sickle's book. The later information does not detract from the account of Edward Glover and Ann Drusilla's household and history. The later information (several pages) is located here -
Continuing with items from Dr. Van Sickle's book: