REMINISCENCES BY MRS. ANN DICKENS  Taken from "Memoirs of Clayton County" pp 421-424.
Ann Drusilla (Van Sickle) Dickens b.8-19-1822 d. 9-5-1909,  was the wife of Edward Glover Dickens. They were early pioneers in North East Iowa and lived near the Present village of Marquette, in Clayton Co., along the banks of the Mississippi River. Ann was the first white woman in Clayton Co.. Here is her story of life as a pioneer in North East Iowa.
Jo Daviess County Marriages, Book 1. 
August 21, 1828 - Nov 1, 1840

Van Sickle, Druezilla - Hardin, Isham
July 5, 1835.      Page 30

Individual Record 1880
United States Census

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Edward G. DICKENS Household

Other Information:
Birth Year <1815>
Birthplace TN
Age 65
Occupation Farmer
Marital Status M
Race W
Head of Household Edward G. DICKENS
Relation Self
Father's Birthplace TN
Mother's Birthplace TN

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Edward G Dickens Compact Disc #1
Sex: M
Father: John Dickens Disc #1
Spouse: Ann Drusilla Van Sickle
Marriage: 27 May 1837
Clayton Co, Iowa

Notes and Sources:
Notes: None
Sources: None
1506 Rand St , Boise,, Idaho,
United States of America 83709

"Lawrence Jennings has been a resident af Iowa since he was a lad of about ten years and the fact that he has now passed the psalmist's span of three score years and ten offers conclusive evidence that he is a representative of one of the pioneer families of the Hawkeye State.

He has maintained his home in Clayton caunty since 1855, has been a resourceful exponent of agricultural industry and other lines of enterprise, has achieved definite independence and material prosperity and thus is justified in the enjoyment of the peace and comfort that attend him after his retirement from active labors and when his life begins to see its golden shadows lengthening from the crimson west. He has accounted well for himself and to the world, and is now living virtually retired in the attractive little village af McGregor, where he has association with a host af friends who are tried and true and whose fealty has borne the test af many years.

Mr. Jennings was born at Welland, Province af Ontario, Canada, on the 14th of February, 1843,

Clayton County Cemetery Records:
DICKENS Ann    1822 - 05 Jun 1909  Council Hill Giard Twp. Clayton
DICKENS E.G.   1815 - 17 Jan 1904 (1894)  Council Hill Giard Twp. Clayton 
*DICKENS Edward -         no marker, veteran         Pleasant Grove   McGregor      Clayton  

Some contemporary researchers think Edward Glover Dickens, aka E.G., was buried in Plesant Grove Cemetery then for some reason moved to Council Hill Cemetery. There was - and is - an Edward Dickens buried in Plesant Grove Cemetery.  Some think E.G. died Jan. 17, 1894, some say Jan 17, 1904. Whichever his death date, it has nothing to do with confirming his birth identity.

The difference in the date of  Edward's death is probably a typho. The dates are identical except for the year which is two center figures off:  Jan 17, 1894  vs. Jan 17, 1904.

Later note: old publications that people have sent to me, all list his death date as: Jan 17, 1894. It's obvious that the year of 1904 is a WPA typing error that has been carried forward since the 1930's.

If there was anything wrong, unusual, or confusing about the age or burial of Edward Glover Dickens, note that Ann
was living in the home of Larry and Sophrona Jennings, her son-in-law and daughter, when she died. An excerpt from
an account of Mr. Jenning's life is copied below.

The account was written when Mr. Jennings was past 70, which would date it to 1913. Obviously the Jennings' were completely satisfied with all aspects of the existing records at the time, regarding Mrs. Jenning's parents, 'the Dickens', 
long after they were laid to rest. If there were any errors or explanations needed, they had years in which to correct
the records. 
Read the complete account of Larry Jennings here :

1930's WPA Records.
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Surname Given Name  Born    Died            Cemetery      Location   County
DICKENS   E.G.     1815   17 Jan 1904 (1894) Council Hill   Giard Twp. Clayton
DICKENS Edward no dates or marker, veteran Pleasant Grove  McGregor  Clayton

Edward Glover (Ned) and Ann Drusilla Van Sickle Dickens
Early history of Clayton County, Iowa

          1850 Census Clayton County, Iowa

The Black Hawk War  -    By James Lewis, Ph.D. -

Clayton County men in the Black Hawk War living in Clayton Co in 1885.

"Mrs. Dickens has been a continuous resident of Clayton county since she came to Millville with her parents in 1836. For the past forty years she has lived near McGregor. She has been the mother of twelve children, seven of whom are still living. Three of her sons served in the northern army during the civil war. One lost his life in a southern hospital, and because of his death in the service she has drawn a pension for many years."

Ann's story appeared  August 14, 1909
Ann's Birthday was     August 19, 1909
Ann Dickens died       September 5, 1909

source: newspaper clipping, likely from a McGregor or Elkader newspaper, dated August 14, 1909
transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

Here is a wonderful account of early Pioneer life in Iowa, by Ann Drusilla Dickens. It's worth reading.
Thanks to Sharyl Ferrall for providing this transcript. Follow the link below to read all of it.
If you read Dr. Van Sickle's 1880 book, then read the above article's complete account, you will notice that the description of Ann's arrival to Iowa is somewhat different from the book account. Dr. Van Sickle's book says Ann's mother died in Illinois in 1849 and that Ann had moved to Iowa in 1836 with her first husband, Isham Hardin, who died shortly after arriving. This article said Ann came to Iowa with her parents (mother and stepfather).
Notice that in the quote above, Ann's 12 children are mentioned. Eleven were fathered by Edward Glover Dickens. Her first child Henry, was by her first husband, Isham Hardin. The record of her first marriage which was in Illinois in 1835, is posted below:


Clayton county USGenWeb Project,   Sharyl Ferrall volunteer coordinator

This site is all about Iowa Dickens' with Tennessee roots. Follow the link below to learn about
Clayton County, Iowa, and thank you Sharyl Ferrall and all volunteers for your good work.
The first mention of  Edward Glover Dickens in the Iowa area was during this war in 1832.
Here's some war history:
Below: some sites that  mention  Edward Glover Dickens and his family during the early history of Iowa.
Concerning the date and circumstances of Edward Glover Dickens' death and burial:
This study has been so interesting and I've gathered so many notes that it's hard to find a stopping place. I haven't even mentioned the lead mines, wild animals, hunting, trading with the Indians, and so on,  which were obvious attractions to some of Ann Drusilla's brothers, plus other items of interest to both the the Van Sickle and Dickens famlies. But this isn't a book and it's time to close it the way it began, with a simple statement from Chuck:   

"In the family bible of Edward Glover Dickens we find the reference to John Dickens, his father. Edward Glover Dickens was born July 15, 1815 in or about Elmwood , Tenn. ( Smith County ). His mother died when he was an infant or very young child and a neighbor or dear friend of his mother raised him. Later on, the foster parents moved to Southern Illinois taking Edward with them. Little is known of his childhood, but at age 17 he moves to Iowa .

At the time of that writing, my great aunt was in possession of Edward Glover Dickens family Bible. I don't know who has it now.

This is what I have for proof and it's good enough for me.

John Dickens was my G., G., G., Grandfather. Edward Glover Dickens was my G., G., Grandfather.
Moses Edward Dickens * was my G., Grandfather who died at age 35 from hitting his leg with an axe while chopping wood and got infection. My Grandmother was Grace Ann Dickens Scrogum and my mother was Ila Scrogum.

Chuck Runneberg"

DICKENS M.E.   1845 - 1880   Council Hill   Giard Twp.   Clayton

* Moses Edward Dickens aka M.E., born May 28, 1845, son of Edward Glover and Ann Drusilla Dickens, named after his uncle Moses Edward Van Sickle, did indeed die at age 35. He is buried in Council Hill Cemetery along with his parents.
Received first week in April 2007.

Dickens of Hurricane Creek, TN

Clayton County, Iowa
Page 5. EGD
Page 5. EGD

On the 12th of October, 1867, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Jennings to Miss Sophrona Caroline Dickens, who was born in Mendon township, this county, on the 28th of August, 1847, the seventh in order of birth of the eleven children of Edward and Anne (Van Sickle) Dickens, honored pioneers of Clayton county, where their old homestead farm is one of the fine places in the Pleasant Ridge district of Mendon township. Mr. Dickens was born in Tennessee and his wife in Ohio. He was one of the very early settlers of Clayton county, where he obtained a tract of government land in Mendon township, about the year 1835, both he and his wife having passed the remainder of their lives as honored and representative citizens of this county, where he became a prosperous farmer and was influential in community affairs.

Of the Dickens children the first two, William and Lucius, are deceased; John W. is a resident of Boise, Idaho; Edward is deceased; Clayton likewise resides in the capital city of Idaho; Robert maintains his home at Red Lake, Minnesota; Mrs. Jennings was the next in order of birth; Harriet is the wife of Clarence Luce, of Republican City, Nebraska; Josephine is the widow of Herbert Cornell and resides at McGregor, Clayton county; Mary Jane is in Yankton, South Dakota, and Lillian is the wife of Joseph Gill, of Sibley, Osceola county, Iowa.

source: History of Clayton County, Iowa; From The Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present; by Realto E. Price, Vol. II; pg 196-198
-submitted by S. Ferrall"

* "The Edward Dickens that is buried in Plesant Grove Cemetery at McGregor is a son of William Dickens and a grandson Edward Glover Dickens." Chuck Runneberg, 3/27/08.
In closing, I will make this observation . In the past, some researchers have pointed out that some Smith
County or other TN Dickens' who are listed in the 1820 Census, have unnamed males in their homes. It has
been suggested that one of these could have been the parents of Edward Glover Dickens. But isn't it strange that after almost two centuries since his birth in 1815, no family members have come forward claiming that 
Edward's father was anyone other than  ...  John Dickens Sr. 
Much later:  August 12, 2007. Little by little, more information has come in regarding Edward Glover (Ned)
Dickens and his family. I've been organizing some of the information to place on this Web site. I have added some new pages, which are next in order.