9. Alice Josephene Dickens Lee
7. Harriet E. Dickens Luce
3. John Wesley Dickens, Civil War Veteran.
11. Lillian M. Dickens Gill, Ellison
Mrs. Lucinda Glover Dickens
Wife of 6, Charles C. Dickens 
4. Moses Edward Dickens
4. Moses Edward with his wife Evaline Glover Dickens
Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens
Ann Drusilla Van Sickle Dickens
Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens (in his younger days).
Below are pictures of  Ned and Ann's family. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures of all eleven children.
If you have any of the missing pictures please send them for adding to this page.
Edward Glover (Ned) and Ann Drusilla Dickens 
                        Family Pictures
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