March 23, 2007. Bob Dickens-Tobin's documentation shows that John Dickens, of Halifax NC is not the John Dickens listed in the 1820 census of Smith County TN. The John Dickens who was a son of Joseph of Halifax, applied for his Revolutionary War Pension in 1823 in Chatham County, NC and he died in that county. There is no tie then, between Joseph Dickens of Hallifax, NC and the early 1800s John Dickens of Smith County, TN. 

I've also done research for myself and others on the lineage of  Col. Robert Dickens, 1748 - 1808 and his three sons Jesse, William, and Samuel. They are not in my  lineage.
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
John Dickens Jr.
b. 1813, - d. 1862
m. Nancy Crosslin Dickens
b. 1816, - d. (In 1870 at age 54 she lived in home of her
son M.A. Death date unknown by me at this time.)
This is my family line .
Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens
b. Jul. 15, 1815, - d. Jan. 17, 1894.
m. Ann Drusilla Van Sickle Dickens
b. Aug. 19, 1822, - d. Sept. 5, 1909
E.G.D. was a pioneer settler of Clayton
County, Iowa. He married Ann there
and they raised a large family.
Joshua Dickens Sr.
b. Dec 24, 1820, - d. Nov 5, 1904.
1.Manerva Young Dickens
b. 1821 or 1822, - d. Apr. 3, 1881
2. Rachel Blair, Spiva, Dickens
b. Birth Date unknown by me. d.exact death date unknown by me. On July 1, 1912 her Will was probated in Jackson, Co. TN Court. 
Three known sons of John Dickens Sr.
John Dickens, (Sr.)
 b. circa 1760 to 1780, NC.
 d. 1838 or 1839 Smith County, TN

NOTE:  John Dickens and his son John are not named  Sr. and Jr. and you will not find them listed as such in records.

I added the  Sr. and Jr. to their names in my writings in order to avoid confusion and identify them as father and son.

Note regarding John Dickens (Sr):

Without going into a lot of details about the little that is known or supposed about the life and movements of John Dickens (Sr), I have a copy of the Administrator's Settlement of  J'n. C. Dickens estate dated July 11, 1840, Smith County Files, Roll 81, Page 25, TN State Archives.

The handwriting is legible enough but the document is written with the flourish that is common to old documents, making it hard for someone like myself to decipher all the letters with absolute certainty. The last name, Dickens, is clear enough but  I wasn't sure of the abbreviation 
for the first name. I asked Archives workers to verify the abbreviation. Their answer was, "That J'n C. Dickens stands for John C. Dickens."  

Among the disbursements listed is a directive for the Sheriff to pay the 1838 Smith County tax for the decedent. Unfortunately the document is a financial settlement which doesn't list his heirs, which would establish without any doubt, that this John Dickens, who died in circa 1838, is the father of John A. Dickens, Edward Glover Dickens, Joshua Dickens Sr. and other children.


Why do I have a 20 years span in the birth date of John, Sr. Dickens? Because I'm not sure of 
his birth date. If he was born closer to the 1760 date, he is Henry Dickens' brother. If he was born
closer to the 1780 date he is Henry Dickens' son. Either way, John Sr. and Henry are close relatives who moved their families to the Hurricane
Creek area of Smith/Jackson Counties in TN from North Carolina at about the same time.

John Sr. had more children than I have shown below. There were daughters listed in the 1820 census and perhaps more sons born at an earlier time. Also it is possible that John Sr. was married three times but that too, is uncertain. Trying to name John's entire family is subject to much
speculation.  If new information is located during my lifetime, I'll post it on my Web site.