John Dickens, Sr.  b. mid to late 1700's, NC. d.1838 or1839 Smith Co. TN.    Mother(s) of his children are unknown to me at this time                                .                                              
1813 - 1862
John Dickens, Jr.    -      Edward Glover    -      Joshua, (Sr)     -       Other children unknown to me.
Note: Joshua (Sr) above, was an uncle to and became guardian of Joshua (Jr) below.
                                                                                         1845 to abt 1908
Matilda        Amanda        Mitchell        Felix       Elijah        Joshua (Jr)         Jasper        Newton
Note: Joshua known as Sr. became guardian of Joshua known as Jr.when Jr's father died in 1862.  
John Dickens Jr. and Nancy Crosslin
Joshua Dickens (Jr) and Sarah C. Wommack
                                                                           1879 - 1939
Leanord F.      Joseph B.      Newton Callie.      William Jasper        James L.
William Jasper Dickens and Johnie Maude Campbell
(Name unknown)                                                                       1910 - 1974
   Female child          Mamie Virginia         Floye Mary Jane        Ernest Curtis         William Neily
Ernest Curtis Dickens and Carrie Mildred Poole
1932 -
Howard Douglas            Ernest Gene            Larry              Donald Ross

At this time we don't know where the father of this clan came from before North Carolina. There are two possibilities - from the northern Colonial States or directly from England.

This is a simple chart to provide a quick look at our lineage. You will find more information on these families at various places in my writings.  

The family of Howard Douglas (Doug) and Rose Mary Cambron Dickens (below) 
are living people, therefore to insure their privacy and protect their identity, family
members must supply their own names.
their children
their children
their children
their children
their children
Names in my direct lineage are in BOLD letters.
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
Here's quick, convenient chart of names from John Dickens Sr. to
my great grandchildren in 2012. If you are one of my immediate family,
see if you can locate yourself on this chart.


Our family is growing! Soon the younger ones will not know how they are related to the older ones. You can draw a chart like this and with your children, add the name of each person. Then explain how they are all related. In the future, your children will appreciate your work.   
More about his use of (Jr) is in his listing on Page 3.