Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
John Dickens, (Sr.)
 b. circa 1760 to 1780, NC.
 d. 1838 or 1839 Smith County, TN
John Dickens, (Jr.)
  b. 1813  Smith Co. TN
  d. 1862  TN. Civil War. 
wife: Nancy Crosslin 
Children, all born in Smith Co.TN
      Matilda, b. 1835
      Amanda, b. 1836
      Mitchell,  b. 1838
      Felix,  b. 1839
      Elijah,  b. 1842
      Joshua (Jr), b. 1845
      Jasper,  b. 1847
      Newton, b. 1851
Joshua Dickens (Jr)
b. 1845, Smith Co. TN
d. in or before 1908, Smith Co. TN
wife: Sarah C. Wommack.
Children, all born in Smith Co. TN
     Leanord F.  b.1869
     Joseph B.  b. 1871
     Newton Callie,  b. 1873, d. 1945
     William Jasper,  b. 1879, d. 1939
     James L. b. 1880
John Dickens (Sr.) to Donna Vallie Dickens, Dennis in 2012 
Those directly in The Donna Dickens, Dennis line are all highlighted in BOLD.
Note: See Joshua on Page 3.
for why he is known as (Jr.).
Newton Callie Dickens
b. 1873, Smith County TN.
d. 1945, Putnam County, TN
wife: Vallie Maude Bush
b. 1881, Putnam County, TN
d. 1918, Putnam County, TN
   Bonnie Dickens, Apple
   b. abt 1910.
   Harold Henry Dickens,
   b. 1911, Baxter, TN
   d. 1979, Fresno, CA
Harold Henry Dickens
b. 1911, Baxter, TN.
d. 1979, Fresno, CA.
wife: Gladys Simonian
b. 1910, Fresno, CA
d. 1994, Fresno, CA.
   Donna Vallie Dickens, Dennis
    b. 1947, Fresno, CA
    Frances Esther Dickens, Barbarick
    b. 1951, Fresno, CA.
    Carol June Dickens
    b. 1952, Fresno, CA.

Donna Vallie Dickens married Harry Charles Dennis, Jr. in 1968. We appreciate the information from Donna and Charles that allows us to expand our knowledge of the John Dickens lineage.

Mr. Dennis is continuing his research and has more information about the Newton Callie Dickens family listed on his Ancestry Web site and you are encouraged to visit.

Donna Vallie Dickens, Dennis

Thanks to Donna and Charles for the picture of Newton Callie  (white suit) and William Jasper (dark suit). The picture was made in approximately 1938.