Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens ,   b. July 15, 1815 Smith Co. TN; d. Jan. 17, 1849 Clayton Co. Iowa
Ann Drusila Van Sickle Harding Dickens , b. Aug 19, 1822 Vermillion Co. IN; d. Sept 5, 1909 Clayton Co.
Iowa. They were married "in the spring of 1838" -- quotation from: "Reminiscences by Mrs. Ann Dickens."   

The eleven children of Edward Glover (Ned) and Ann Drusilla Dickens
                          All children were born in Clayton County, Iowa.

01. William Dickens, b. Mar 26, 1839

02. Lucius N. Dickens, b. Jan. 08, 1841 

03. John W. Dickens, b. Mar 04, 1843

04. Moses Edward Dickens, b. Apr. 28, 1845 - d. Aug 02, 1880 in Clayton Co. Iowa
m. Evaline Glover

05. Saphronia C. Dickens, b. Aug. 28, 1847

06. Charles C. Dickens, b. Dec. 12, 1849
m. March 5, 1872, Lucinda Glover

07. Harriet E. Dickens, b. Feb. 29, 1852

08. Robert R. Dickens, b. Aug 19, 1854

09. Alice Josephene Dickens, b. Feb. 16, 1857

10. Mary Jane Dickens, b. Oct. 31, 1859

11. Lillian M. Dickens, b. Oct. 22, 1862 - d. June 18, 1921
m. 1. Charles Sumner Ellyson
m. 2. Joe Gill

E.G.D. to Chuck Runneberg
Source: Emails from C.Runneberg. 
      E.G.D. and Ann Drusilla
04. Moses Edward Dickens
      Grace Ann Dickens, Scrogum
      Ila Scrogum, Runneberg
      Chuck Runneberg
E.G.D to Crystal Ann Anderson  
Source: Emails from Ms Anderson 
       E.G.D and Ann Drusilla
02. Lucius N. Dickens
      Nettie Dickens, Bean
      Elmo Gerald Bean
      Philip Dickens Bean
      Barbara Ann Bean, Cox
      Crystal Ann Cox, Anderson
Lineage from Edward Glover (Ned) and Ann Drusilla Dickens to the current generation in 2008 as
reported by the family descendent. The number before name refers to the child number (above). 

          Jo Daviess County Marriages, Book 1. 
            August 21, 1828 - Nov 1, 1840.
Van Sickle, Druezilla - Hardin, Isham  -  July 5, 1835.  --     Page 30

Note: Ann Drusilla was first married to Isham S. Harding - (sometimes spelled Hardin) on July 5, 1835. 
Isham died soon after they arrived in Iowa. Their only child Henry was born Mar. 10, 1837. He died at Fort Snelling on Dec. 10, 1862. I found two listings in Clayton County census records that I assume were this Henry. The listings are: 1850 Henry P. Hardin age 18,  and in 1860 H. P. Harding age 23. I found no more listings for Henry P. Hardin(g) -- which is consistent with his death date of 1862. His story is included in the Iowa Dickens Pioneers section for the family of Edward Glover Dickens. 
Dr. Van Sickle mentioned that marriage in his book, Paragraph #38 and Ann Drusilla mentioned that Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens was her second husband in "Reminiscences by Mrs. Ann Dickens."
Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens and Ann Drusilla Van Sickle Harding Dickens
                              Their family line is listed below.
Descendents of John Dickens, Sr.
          The Iowa branch.
Source: Manuscript in McGegor Iowa Public Library. Written in 1960s by Zilla and Ila.  
       E.G.D and Ann Drusilla
11.  Lillian Dickens Ellyson Gill   b. 1862  d. 1921     
       Lillian had 2 daughters:
    #1.dau: Zilla Ellyson Rutherford Flagg  b. abt 1890s  d.?
                 Zilla's daughter: Mary Jeanne (?)
    #2.dau: Ila Ellyson (?)  b.abt 1890s  d. ? 
                 Ila had two daughters, Ila Jean and Olivia.
       E.G.D. and Ann Drusilla
06. Charles Clayton Dickens and Lucinda Glover
      Edward Dickens and Irene Percy Gassin 
      Clare Lamont Dickens
      (next withheld)
      Amber Grant

E.G.D. to Amber Grant
Source: Email from Amber Grant
If you are a descendent of this Dickens family, I would like to add you to the list.
Please send me as much of your direct lineage as you would like displayed, to:
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                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
      E.G.D. and Ann Drusilla
04. Moses Edward Dickens
     Clayton Henry Dickens, b.1879  d.1974;    m. Blanche Ohnesorge, b.1889  d.1965,
                 (six children: Harvey,  Dorothy Schultz,  Edward,  Lawrence,  Evelyn Schara,  Robert).
     Harvey Leroy Dickens, b.1923  d.1997;     m. (1) Gloria Olson;   m. (2) Patrica Harry,
                (five children - (of 1) Darlene,  Susan Dorszynski; - (of 2) Terry,  Tammy DuCharme,  Tracy Hebel) 
     Susan Dickens Dorszynski, wife of John Dorszynsky.   
                                   (Ms Dorszynski added that all these descendents of  Moses Edward Dickens were from
                                        Marquette/McGregor, Iowa.)
E.G.D to Susan Dickens Dorszynski             --------            Source: Email from Ms Dorszynski