Linking TN Dickens Family Lines

In the 1980s I bought what I considered a small library of Biblical reference books and used them to diagram a condensed version of 4000 years of Biblical History known to Christians as the Old Testament. Along with that project I constructed a genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth - as precise as is possible in my opinion - all the way back to Adam. Why? I wanted to see laid out before me what the major events of those 4000 years looked like when all spread out in a continuous, unbroken line of years, events, and people. So what does that have to do with our Dickens research?  

Diagramming those 4000 years and tracing the prominent people was easier (I had books) than tracing 300 years of names and movements of my branch of the Dickens family in America. There are other branches of the Dickens family who are well documented from England to America to the present time. But not our branch. Our Smith County branch of Dickens' comes to a dead end in the 1700s in North Carolina.

For instance, my line can be traced to John Dickens Sr in the Hurricane Creek area of Smith County, TN in the early 1800s. John Sr was born in the mid to late 1700s in North Carolina. Looking back further from that point - is a dead end.

Bob Dickens-Tobin has had the opportunity to do extensive research in Archives, Libraries, and Courthouses in many North Carolina counties plus various other repositories. He located Henry Dickens Sr and his family in North Carolina in the 1700s. Henry Sr moved to the Hurricane Creek area of Smith County, TN in the early 1800s. Looking back further than Henry Sr - is a dead end. 

So we can take you back to Henry Dickens Sr and John Dickens Sr and their families in North Carolina, then their move to TN, and forward from that time. But we cannot - at this time- take you back beyond North Carolina and Henry Sr and John Sr in the mid 1700s.

Bob Dickens-Tobin's research concludes that all the Dickens' who moved to the Smith County Hurricane Creek area were not only relatives, but one large family consisting of several households and Henry Dickens Sr was the father of this clan.

My earlier assumption was that Henry Sr and John Sr were brothers. Either way, brothers or father and son, they are closely related. I'll leave it to the next generation of Dickens' to resolve that question. Bob, who is much younger than I, will publish a book in the future which will list his documentation.
Doug Dickens, August 25, 2007, December 11, 2007, November 7, 2008, April 6, 2012.

Click the link below for Bob Dickens-Tobin's Web site:
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
This project is a work in progress. There are some spouses names plus several birth and death dates to be added and some individual households can be expanded. And hopefully, more members of this family will send information that will link them to the proper forefathers. I'm posting this - unfinished as it is - because at my age there are no guarantees that it will ever make its way to the Web site if I don't post it. Corrections, additions, comments are welcome. Doug Dickens, December 2007.
There are several Dickens families whose households could be expanded in the future if the information is provided by family members.

Some information is repeated in my several documents because as time goes by and new information is added, each subject is made into a standalone document and older documents are updated.

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