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After mamma and poppa Dickens married they lived for a brief time with mamma’s mother, Nancy Jane Campbell in Putnam County, TN. Then they settled in Springfield, Robertson County, TN (in 1910) for the remainder of their lives. Poppa Dickens died in 1939.

I had spent much of my early childhood with mamma Dickens but it wasn’t until 1942 that my younger brother Gene (6) and I (10) were sent there to live permanently. Now many years later, mamma Dickens stories about the hill country have provided me with several clues to our past.

The major clues to our lineage were: Smith county, Putnam County, some names and gravesites. Calling older relatives didn’t give me any more information than I already had, so I found poppa Dickens’ birth and death dates and headed for the TN State Archives. Over six hundred hours later, I am ready to give a brief account of my Dickens history.

This account is by no means complete. There are some documents that I have not located but I have enough documentation to establish my own lineage and I have knowledge of where other lines began. I hope other Dickens families will use the information I have found to help locate their forefathers. After all, they’re my relatives, too.

                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

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Within a few hours of beginning my search (at the archives) I had located poppa Dickens in the 1910 Census. They were living in Putnam County with mamma Dickens’ mother, Nancy Jane Campbell. They
are listed as:
Wm. J. Dickens, 32,
wife, Johnnie M. 22,
Mamie V. 5,
Floy Mary Jane, 2
Nancy Jane Campbell, 60.
My dad, Earnest Curtis Dickens and uncle William Neily Dickens were not born yet.

The next step was a little more difficult because I didn’t have any idea who my great grandfather was. Eventually I located him in the 1880 Census. I knew that he would have a two year old son named William Jasper or W.J. or William J. or J. William. I was elated to meet Joshua Dickens (my great grandfather) for the first time. In 1880 his family is listed as:
Joshua Dickens, 33
wife, Sarah C., 33,
Leonard F., 11,
Joseph B., 9,
Newton C., 7,
William J., 2,
James L. 4/12,

In 1880, Joshua's family lived in Smith County, district 11. That was just over a few hills and valleys from Campbell land in Putnam County where William J. and Johnnie Maude started their family.

From that beginning I thought it would be a simple matter to locate my great, great, grandfather and perhaps even my great, great, great, grandfather. It seemed that my search was almost finished; just locate another name or two and find exactly where they came from in Smith County.

Poppa and Mamma Dickens in 1938.
At that time they lived at 1113 Batts Blvd.
in Springfield TN.