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I reviewed the early tax rolls from Smith County. There were several Dickens men paying poll tax and land tax in District 11.

There was Joshua, Jr. and Joshua, Sr. paying tax. Joshua, Jr. paid only a poll tax and Joshua, Sr. paid land tax. That seemed so simple to me. Father and son, I thought. I could hardly believe that I had located my great, great, grandfather so easily. I wanted more proof, but for the moment I was contented with that information. (NOTE: Don’t stop here. Read on and discover that they are uncle and nephew, not father and son.)

I was so excited about this discovery that I decided the time had come to drive about forty miles to Smith County to find the old District 11 and see where my folks lived a over a century ago. My wife and I dressed up like we were going to visit royalty and we headed for the hills.

After making several inquiries as to the location of old District 11, we set out for a dot on the old map called Maggart. (NOTE: Maggart is not included on newer maps.)

I’m going to assume that the reader wants to know about the geographic location and the physical description of the area of Dickens settlement in addition to family names. The map on the next page is an old Civil District map. The old District 11 including Maggart is the area of our interest.

                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
                               Smith County, TN old Civil Districts.
Our Dickens are in 11 named Maggart which is the name of the General Store and Post Office that once existed, now long gone - even from maps.

Smith County. Old Civil Districts are indicated by dotted lines. Proposed new Civil Districts are outlined in heavy lines with a circle around the numbers.

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