Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
Hy 70N & 56.

To find Hurricane Creek:
From Springfield, senic route, follow highway 25 to Gallatin, Castallian Springs, Hartsville, Dixon Springs and Carthage; then follow 70 N to Chestnut Mound.

From Nashville, senic route, follow highway 70 N to Lebanon, Carthage, and Chestnut Mound.
Or from Nashville follow I-40 and exit at highway 53, (mile marker 258). Highway 53 leads to highway 70 N, turn to your right on 70 N and go to Chestnut Mound. 

At Chestnut Mound turn north on a gravel road that leads to Sullivan's Bend of the Cumberland River. This gravel road winds down into a deep valley. This is the valley of Hurricane Creek. The road meanders around the valley for about 16 miles and leads back to highway 70 N.

Three miles down the road from Chestnut Mound, on the left hand side, is the Dickens Cemetery. Drive a little more and you will find the relocated Methodist Church. A little farther down on the right side of the road is the area where Joshua Jr. Dickens, the original Methodist Church, and the first Dickens Cemetery were located. According to the Corps of Engineers this land was acquired for Cordell Hull Lake.The cemetery was not relocated.

Map to Hurricane Creek from Springfield and Nashville.

My Grandfather, William Jasper Dickens was born at Hurricane Creek in 1878. My Grandmother, Johnnie Maude Campbell Dickens was born a few miles east of there in 1887. From Chestnut Mound, continue on highway 70 N toward the intersection of highway 56. About 3 and 1/2 miles before reaching highway 56 you will find the Bethany Methodist Church on the north side. The little gravel road beside this church leads to Campbell land. Many of the Campbell family still occupied this land when I visited there in the year 2000.

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This is where Hurricane Creek meets Cordell Hull Lake. Within the present water level on the map you can see an outline of the original creek as it emptied into the Cumberland River.

Notice how the road was moved to the left of Hurricane Creek. 
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Joshua Jr. Dickens'  homeplace, the original Methodist Church, and the first Dickens Cemetery  were located by Hurricane Creek - and now in the flooded area. That land was acquired by the Corps of Engineers. The church was moved to a new location on the same road south of the original location.

The land for the Methodist Church was donated by Joshua, Sr. and Rachel Dickens on August 6, 1895. I obtained a copy of the deed from the TN State Archives. The copy is located on Page 143 and 144 of my original manuscript.

Bethany Methodist Church on highway 76.
The gravel road beside the church leads to
Campbell land.
The Methodist Church at Hurricane Creek.
This is the church after relocation.
There is a small cemetery located about 2 miles west of Bethany Church right beside highway 70 N. There are several Campbell graves there inclucing the grave of Nancy Jane Campbell, my great grandmother. There are several small cemeteries in that area so don't be discouraged if you have to search a little. It is located on a slight hill just a few feet from the highway.