Existing early Tax Rolls from Smith County that I located in1986. It is possible that others have been located by now. These are the Dickens men old enough to own land or pay a poll tax. This was copied verbatim (as much as was possible) from the original documents. There may be some names missing from District 11 in 1837 and 1838.

YEAR    NAME         DISTRICT            TAX
1837       Joseph C. ----------1--------------- 45 ac
              Joseph -------------4----------------Poll
              John (Sr)----------16----------------68 ac

1838      Joseph C. -----------1----------------43 ac
             Joseph ---------------4---------------45 ac
             John (Sr)------------16---------------68 ac

The names RB, Jeremiah and Samuel also appear in 1838 but I can't be certain if the last name is Dickens or Dicker. (Note, several years years after writing that list:  yes, they are Dickens'.) 

1860         JW-------------------3-----------------Poll
                James F.------------3-----------------Poll
                Jo. C.---------------4-----------------? Land
               *Joshua-------------11----------------200 ac
               **John (Jr)---------11----------------336 ac
               Mitchell------------ 11-----------------Poll

*The Joshua is later identified as Joshua, Sr., uncle to Joshua, Jr.
**John (Jr) died in 1862, before the next tax roll which was in 1865. He owned more land than other Dickens in the county at the time. The Sr and Jr were added by me to the two Johns' for identification. The 1860 tax roll was the last one until after the Civil War.

Page 16.
Dickens in Smith County TN Tax Rolls.
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

YEAR    NAME             DISTRICT                   TAX

1865     Joseph C.-----------------3---------------------150 ac
            Dickens on Allisons-----6---------------------100 ac
           *Heirs---------------------11--------------------200 ac
           *Nancy--------------------11--------------------120 ac
           **Joshua------------------11--------------------200 ac

*John Dickens (Jr) died in 1862. (Note added in 2008 - John Jr died while a Private on the Confederate side during the Civil War.) His widow, Nancy had been awarded homestead and dower of 120 acres. His other heirs paid tax on the remainder of John's land. The court appointed a guardian for John's two youngest sons. John's brother Joshua was appointed guardian of these minor children; one of them was also a Joshua. They became known as Joshua, Sr. and Joshua, Jr. The court case to make a settlement took three and a half years. The final decree is included later in my manuscript but not legible when scanned for the Web site.

**The Joshua listed above is Joshua Sr.

This is the first tax roll after the Civil War. Records say that Joshua Sr. a Private on the Union side,  had been shot in the right shoulder. Joshua Jr at 18, also served in the same Company as Joshua Sr.

Page 17.
Dickens in the 1865 Smith County Tax Rolls.
John (Sr)'s 1838 tax was paid by his Estate Administrator recorded on July 11, 1840, (see Our Dickens Families,  page 2). The (Sr) was added to his name by me for proper identification.