Samuel Dickens of Person County, North Carolina, was a witness in a Smith County, TN court case in 1815. I assume this was the same Samuel Dickens that was a son of  Col. Robert Dickens. Samuel would be 34 at that time (1815). 
                           Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
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One day while searching the "Roster of Soldiers, Tennessee Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution" I found the only Dickens listed in the book: Col. Robert Dickens and his family from North Carolina. I decided this information was worthy of closer study.

Sometime later, I began to concentrate on the Samuel Dickens, listed as the Colonels son. As I compared him to the Samuel Dickens of the Smith County Court case, my gaze shifted to the burial place of his father and mother: Person County, North Carolina.

Was I excited! Now I knew the mystery of the Court order. The depositions were to be taken "In Person County, North Carolina." Here was Col. Robert Dickens’ son Samuel, still living in Person County, North Carolina in 1815 and with Smith County, Tennessee ties!

You can see the location of Person County on the map I have included on page 34 (Web page 16). Follow line 2 to the point where it intersects with line 36.5.

At this moment I temporarily ignored my search for a tie between Joshua Sr. and Joshua Jr. My search was expanded to examine Dickens migrations from North Carolina to Tennessee. 

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