Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

After all the painstaking work I had done to reach back in time and find the Hurricane Creek settlement and become acquainted with my Tennessee forefathers, I was reluctant to shift my emphasis because there were still unanswered questions. But I had become as anxious to find what awaited me on the eastern side of the mountains, as they must have been to reach the western side.

When Henry, John, Jeremiah, Jesse, and company left North Carolina, what did they leave behind? Where had they lived? How much of a Dickens family was there? Were there dozens? Hundreds? Thousands?

I had always suspected that there weren’t many Dickens’. In my travels I have often looked in telephone directories to see how many Dickens families were listed. Coast to coast, north and south, I found few.

I decided to begin this new phase of my research in the card files of the Tennessee State Library.
Under Dickens, there are many card files listing books written about the author Charles Dickens, England, 1812-1870. Under Dickins, none. Under Dicken, none. No other Dickens was listed in any category.

The next step was to read the index of Colonial reference books to see how many Dickens are written in American history. The results of that search are listed on the following pages.

Going back in Time and Crossing the Mountains.
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Dickens names I located in a book by the Daughters of the American Revolution , Tennessee State Library in 1987. As usual, I must say that there may be others not listed in that book. I understand that a listing requires stringent investigation of records to prove identity and service. 

1731. Amos. Pvt. from Rhode Island. Wife, Margaret Dodge Burdick. Died 1811.

1742. Thomas. Patriot from Rhode Island. Wife (1) Sarah Franklin, (2) Susannah Mitchell Rose. Died 1812.

1748. Robert. Army Colonel and member of the General Assembly of North Carolina. Born Derbyshire England. He was appointed Justice of the Peace for Granville County, NC in 1770 at the age of 22. In 1782 at age 34 he was elected to the General Assembly where he served for many years. He died in Person County in 1808
(Note: Our Hurricane Creek Dickens' did not descend from Colonel Dickens family.)

1750. Benjamin. Pvt. from North Carolina. Wife: Katherine Stonestreet Johnson. Died 1794.

1751. James. Pvt. from North Carolina. Wife: Isabella. Died 1820.

1759. John. Lt. from Virginia. Wife: (1) Margaret (2) Mary Cook McCubbin. Died 1841.

1761. Trisham. Pvt. from Rhode Island. Wife: Martha Wilcox. Died 1861.

1762-1765. Thomas. Pvt. from North Carolina. Wife: Mollie Stevens. Died 1852.

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