Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

1693. Thomas Dickens witnessed a Will in Charles County, Virginia.

1700-1710. William Dickens born in England.
1737. Joseph Dickens, son of William (above). Born in England. Moved to North Carolina.
1743. William Dickens, son of William (above). Born in England. Moved to North Carolina.

In the book Southside Virginia Counties by Boddie, an article called: Dickens of Halifax, N.C. by Oliver Harold Carper and William Marion Mann, Jr. also lists several children of Joseph and William (above).

The book also states that the elder William could have had other children besides the two mentioned. The authors say Joseph and William came to this country by 1755. Joseph was called
‘a man of education’. William was known as the largest landowner in District 5 and one of the largest landowners in Halifax County by 1800.

Joseph had seven children; William had thirteen.

1739. James Dickens was mentioned in a Will dictated by Richard Eldridge in Virginia.

(Note in 2007: I had thought at one time, that the Hurricane Creek Dickens' could be descendents
of William Dickens. Bob Dickens-Tobin's research proved that William's family lived and died elsewhere.)

1755. Justice Dickens. Invited Mr. McAden, a travelling Presbyterian Minister to stay in his North Carolina home.

1764. David and Jane Dickens. Will Abstract.

1780. Major Dickens. Mentioned in a letter written by General William Davidson.

1787. Robert Dickens appointed Building commissioner for Halifax and Edgecombe Counties, NC.

17??. William Dickens, Pvt. in 1 st . Regiment, NC Militia.

1778. Joseph Dickens, Militia captain, NC.

1779. Christopher, Key, and Mary Dickens. Will Abstract.

1794. Benjamin, Martha, Delpha, Benjamin Jr., Lewis, William, Ephraim, Richard, and Ann mentioned in a North Carolina Will Abstract.
1786. I found a land transaction that names William and Richard Dickens, in the state of Franklin. More about this later.

The following records came from Colonial Records of North Carolina and from an early Will Abstract book, in the Tennessee State Library, 1987. I'm not suggesting that this is all the Dickens' in the country - it's only the names that had been located and recorded in publications that were available to me in 1987.

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