Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

Census Year - Population -  % Change

     1790              3,929,214            -
     1800              5,308,483           35.1
     1810              7,239,881           36.4
     1820              9,638,453           33.1
     1830            12,866,020           33.5
     1840            17,069,453           32.7
     1850            23,191,876           35.9
     1860            31,443,321           35.6
     1870            39,818,449           26.6
     1880            50,155,783           26.0
     1890            62,947,714           25.5
     1900            75,994,575           20.7

US Census 1790, counting
Dickens, Dickins, Dicken

Number of Households 37
Males over   16   50
Males under 16   26
              Total Males    76
              Total Females 59
Overall Dickens Total 135

Total US Population 3,929,214

Source for Population Numbers is:
Source for 1790 Dickens totals:  my count is
from documents in the TN State Archives
in 1987. Some census records are missing.
See notes below.

"A few early censuses believed to be destroyed have since been found. Some of the Districts may not have complied with the requirement to send their censuses to the U.S. District Courts in 1791. These probably remained with the Marshalls or were left in state or county repositories. Since there were two additional copies made of the original 1790 censuses it is likely they still exist somewhere. Perhaps they are in a county courthouse or other repository.

The myth that the early Federal Censuses were destroyed when the British burned Washington DC in 1812 is incorrect. These various acts of Congress indicate the Federal Censuses were in the custody of the U.S. Federal District Courts in their respective states until 1830! Contrary to popular belief, only the statistical information taken from the original 1790 returns was housed in Washington DC in 1812 when the city was burned. So, where are the missing original records now? If you are aware of the location of any unpublished county, state or federal census records, tax lists, etc., please contact Genealogical Services."

" In 1907, another act was passed by Congress that ordered the 1790 census enumerations to be published and offered for sale. This is when it was noticed that roughly 1/3 of the returns were missing. It is assumed that they were either lost by the clerks of the District Courts or lost in transit to the Library of Congress.

So what actually burned on that August day in 1814? A 1909 government publication titled "A Century of Population Growth From the First Census of the United States to the Twelfth 1790-1900," implies that only the statistical summaries of the first census were burned: "… it is a question whether anything more than the marshal’s summary was burned, if the First Census law was complied with, the original returns must have been in the custody of the clerk of the district court …"

Dickens' I located in the 1790 Census.
Each of the following items has a link to more information which is very interesting.
Below is some information about missing parts of the 1790 Census:  
Thanks to the USGen Web Census Project.
Note to keep in mind - while the 1790 Dickens census numbers are low because of lost records, they are low for all surnames and the ratio of Dickens to others should remain about the same. 

 The population of the U.S. on April 1, 1990 was 248,709,873

The surname above is from a table including all surnames with over 0.001% frequency in the
US population during the 1990 census. The approx number above includes last names ranked
1001-2000 in America in 1990. 

Surname          Approx Number      % Frequency       Rank
DICKENS            19,896                    0.008               1485

Below: here's how the numbers look 200 years later.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division, Population Analysis & Evaluation Staff