Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN
1798, Jerremiah Dickens.
I've mentioned the 100 acres in Sumner County on Station Camp Creek that was purchased by Jeremiah Dickens in 1798. The deed shows that Jeremiah bought this land from surveyor John Peyton. I found Jeremiah paying tax on that land in 1798 only and we know that in 1820 he was living in the Hurricane Creek area of Smith/Jackson Counties. Station Camp Creek is about 40 miles from Hurricane Creek as the crow flies, farther if following the roads, so Jeremiah didn't buy the land to live on. I didn't find a record of Jeremiah selling the land but some of the earliest deed books for Sumner County were lost. Perhaps Jeremiah got a good deal on the purchase and bought it for resale.
This deed is located in the TN State Archives, Sumner County, Roll 108, Book 2, pages 226 - 227. 
I searched the existing Sumner County Deed Indexes several times to make certain that I had not overlooked a Dickens land transaction but I found no more until several years later. It's always possible that more old, presumably lost deed books have been located by now.
1803, John Dickens.
The next evidence of an early land transaction by a Dickens in our area of interest, that I located, is that of John Dickens paying land tax in Jackson County in 1803. This is rather confusing to me because Jackson County wasn't established until November of 1801 from Smith County and Indian lands and at that time the county line included all of the Hurricane Creek area in Smith County. Then in 1806 to 1853 the county line between Smith and Jackson Counties split the Hurricane Creek area. So in 1803 when John paid land tax to Jackson County, all the Hurricane Creek area was still in Smith County. Where then, was John's land located in Jackson county? Unfortunately, the Jackson county courthouse burned in 1872 and again in 1926.  County records were burned making it very difficult to
 impossible to reconstruct early transactions.    
1808, Henry Dickens.
Another transaction that I mentioned earlier is Henry Dickens' purchase of 100 acres of Smith County land on the Caney Fork on November 3, 1808. The seller was Henry Maggart of Sullivan County. The Caney Fork is located near Carthage and not far from Hurricane Creek. Henry's 1809 tax bill also listed another 35 acre tract. I don't have that deed so I don't know the purchase date. When I added the 1808 deed to my manuscript back in 1988, I cut off the bottom of the paper in order to make it fit in my book. Unfortunately, that part of the deed paper had the location of the deed in the TN State Archives stamped on the back. So if you want it, you'll have to look for it.
I have several other early Tennessee deeds that I'm not mentioning because the only purpose I had in finding them was to learn where Dickens' might be located in Tennessee and to see if any of them led to permanent Dickens settlements before the Hurricane Creek settlement, which they didn't.
Early land purchases in Tennessee by Dickens settlers .
Page 45.
1826, John Dickens.
John Dickens bought 50 acres in Smith county.
1835, John Dickens and Henry Maggart.
John Dickens and Henry Maggart bought 50 acres in Smith County. 
John Dickens Estate Settlement was completed on July 11, 1840 in Smith County. The Sheriff is listed as receiving payment for John's 1838 tax from the estate. John then, died 
sometime between his 1837 tax payment (he is listed on that tax roll) and the 1838 tax due date.