Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

Again, my disclaimer. There may have been other Dickens households in other counties of Tennessee. These are the households that I located in the 1980's with some updates in 2008.

If you are searching for a certain household and it isn't listed here, I suggest that you search the records. It is possible that at any time, more census records may be located. Also, I may have overlooked some and as usual, all the Dickens' in Tennessee may not appear on any census schedules. 

Henry -----------------Jackson Co.
Jeremiah---------------Jackson Co.
John-------------------Smith Co.
Jesse------------------Smith Co.
Samuel  (sp Dicking)--Wilson Co.
James   (sp Dickings)--Wilson Co.
Lewis   (sp Dicking)---Wilson Co.
Charlotte--------Jackson Co.
Jeremiah--------Jackson Co.
William J.-------Jackson Co.
Jesse-----------Smith Co.
Samuel---------Wilson Co.
Stephen--------Bedford Co.
B.B.-----------Rutherford Co.
J.--------------Shelby Co.
William--------Madison Co.
Samuel--------Madison co.
Daniel----------Bedford Co.
Stephen--------Bedford Co.
William---------Bedford Co.
William Jr.------Bedford Co.
William B.------Madison Co.
Fanny----------Madison Co.
Hiram----------Shelby Co.
Jamison--------Smith Co.
John------------Smith Co.
Joseph---------Smith Co.
Marina---------Smith Co.
Mary-----------Smith Co.
William---------Smith Co.
Jeremiah--------Smith Co.
B.B.------------McNary Co.
Elias------------McNary Co.
Allen------------Rutherford Co.
Banter B.-------Cannon Co.
Francis----------Gibson Co.
Joseph----------Gibson Co.
Richard---------Gibson Co.
Jessee-----------Wilson Co.
John-------------Wilson Co.