Dickens of Hurricane Creek
Including: Maggart, Sullivans Bend, Elmwood, Chestnut Mound, Smith County, TN

The search for my Tennessee forefathers took a little longer than I expected. (Note: Ha. I started in 1986 and in 2007, I'm still searching). I could have stopped searching when I first located the Joshua Sr. - Jr. designations and simply concluded that they were father and son. If I had accepted that as a fact, I would have missed many hours of learning about the westward migrations of our family from North Carolina to Tennessee and beyond. I would have missed the importance of the settlement at Hurricane Creek in Smith County and what that long narrow valley meant to our Tennessee Pioneer families.
I can't complain about the hours spent and the miles driven. One man whom I met at the Archives told me that he had been searching for seventeen years and he still hadn't found any substantial information about his family.

A lady from Texas said that she had searched for a long time and finally located her grandfather's name and homeplace and she exclaimed, "I actually stood on the land that once belonged to my grandfather!"

I just smiled to myself as I thought of our pioneer Dickens' at Hurricane Creek in the early 1800's. I could just imagine my great, great, great, grandfather John, Sr. and his relatives standing on the banks of the Cumberland River discussing the current tobacco crop while their little children played in the shallows.

My sincere thanks to all researchers and others who are interested in locating and naming our forgotten 
generations.  Without our continuing interest, their identities would be lost forever with the passing of time. 
Sometimes we can't get the dates, ages, relationships, and locations exactly right but so long as we name them, they will never die.