Ernest Curtis Dickens, May 24, 1910 - Feb 3, 1974
Dad died at his home in KY six weeks after surgery for lung cancer. He had worked for years with asbestos siding and he was a heavy smoker. His surgery was done at Centennial Hospital in Nashville, TN.

He was the fourth child of William Jasper and Johnie Maude Campbell Dickens. He was the father of four sons by his first wife, the former Carrie Mildred Poole. His sons are: Howard Douglas, Ernest Gene, Larry, and Donald Ross Dickens. 

Dad was a good carpenter who worked verrry cheap during the Great
Depression. He used to tell me stories of how difficult it was to find
work then. At one time when I was not much more than a baby, we lived in Tullahoma, TN while he worked for the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps),a Government project that put many people to work during the Great Depression. 

Dad moved the family to Louisville, KY after the 1937 flood because there was plenty of work there. In 1941 we lived in the country near Jeffersonville, IN. That's where we were living when Mom and Dad divorced; they both stayed in the Louisville area and we
kids were sent to live with kin folks. Dad became a sub-contractor for
Domestic Construction Company, a Louisville firm. Primarily he installed siding and roofing. When I was discharged from the U.S. Army I worked with dad in Louisville, KY and Okechobee, FL for a while in the 1950's.

Dad didn't serve in the military. In WW2, he failed to pass the physical examination because of poor hearing and one arm was longer than the other due to a motorcycle accident. He ran off the Ridge at Ridgetop, TN in his late teens. He told me it was an Indian motorcycle.
That wreck ended his motorcycling.

Dad was a young man during the years of prohibition and the resulting
gangster wars. He loved reading about the gangster exploits. He always had a few Detective Magazines in the house.

Dad would not eat beef. He said he once worked in a meat packing plant and saw how they killed cows; no more beef for him. Dad would not eat meringue; he said it reminded him of 'calf slobber'and he would rake it off his pie. 

After dad and mom divorced in the early 1940's, dad had a brief marriage to Martha Belts. Later, he married Viola Comley Fields and they stayed together for the remainder of his life.

In the late 1950's, dad decided he wanted to fish for a living. He
and Viola moved to Okechobee, FL. Dad bought a small outboard boat
and began catching and selling catfish. Then the State of Florida
started construction on a large school of some kind just outside
of Okechobee. Dad quit fishing and started carpentering again. My
family and I moved there and I was dad's helper on the job.

Soon after the job was finished, we all moved to Ft. Pierce. I took a job in a bakery and dad did carpenter work. Soon dad moved back to Louisville and began sub-contracting again and my family and I stayed in Ft. Pierce where I began my career in broadcasting at WARN in 1957. 

Photos were made on 07/13/2000. HDD
The other two names listed on this stone are Viola C. Dickens, his third wife who died later in TN (she was cremated and is not buried at this site) and William Comley, brother to Viola. I don't know whether William Comley is buried there. 

Dad is buried in the city cemetery in Stamping Ground, KY. He and Viola lived there at the time of his death. She later moved to TN to be close to her son Charles William Fields where she remained until her death.

Dad, mother and me circa 1936.
Dad, mamma, Gene and me circa 1943.

Ernest Curtis Dickens , May 24, 1910 - Feb 3, 1974

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