Ewing's first wife was my aunt Mamie Dickens Evans (who died in 1942) and the father of Virginia Evans, Warren, Craft. 

Louise was Ewing's second wife. I have many good memories of Ewing and Louise. Ewing always treated me as he would have treated his own child. He was one of the best mechanics around and he worked for several years at Payne Brothers Chevrolet located on the square in Springfield. Each Saturday in the early 1940's I would go by Payne Brothers and Ewing would give me enough money to attened the movie (it cost 12 cents) and buy a soft drink and a bag of popcorn.
I was awed by gasoline engines and I liked nothing better than to play with one. Small gasoline engines were not easy for a kid to find but Ewing and Louise had a washing machine that was powered by a Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine.

Many times I walked out to their house on Woodland Street to play with that engine. I especially liked to be there when Louise was washing clothes; I could sit for hours watching that engine run.
Ewing Evans was always one of my favorite people. He was a kind man who had the patience to put up with a meddlesome kid (me) and I've never forgotten it.

Ewing Evans , born July 17, 1905, died January 19, 1986.
Louise Sawyers Evans , born January 16, 1913, died January 7, 1968. They are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Springfield, TN.

Photo 2000 by H.D.Dickens
Uncle Ewing Evans was not a Dickens but he certainly has a place in my memorial pages.
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