I remember Aunt Floye very well. After Poppa Dickens died, 
Aunt Mamie died, my Mom and Dad divorced, my brother Gene and I came to live with Mamma Dickens, and Uncle Neily went off to fight in WW2, the household had dwindled down to five of us: Mamma Dickens, Gene and I, Cousin Virginia and Aunt Floye.
Aunt Floye became the breadwinner in the household. She was a very popular lady of 35 in 1942. She worked for several years behind the counter of McCord and Harris Drug Store on Main Street in downtown Springfield. It seemed that everyone knew Aunt Floye.

We owe a lot to Aunt Floye. Until she married and moved away, she was the one who saw to it that we were enrolled in school, had clothes to wear and food to eat. Mamma taught us ethics, discipline and respect for God. Aunt Floye taught us good manners, good speech, self-respect, music appreciation, and how to conduct ourselves in public.

If all the people in the world could take lessons from Mamma Dickens and Aunt Floye, the world would be at peace, there would be no crime, and we would all look after the welfare of each other.
Aunt Floye married John Warren Covington, took a job with the State of Tennessee and moved to Davidson County where she lived until her death; she died from Hodgkins Disease, a form of cancer.

Mary Floye Dickens Covington , born 1907 in Putnam County, TN
Died November 1, 1969. Buried in Robertson County Memorial Gardens .
John Warren Covington , born 1917 near Cross Plains, TN.  
Died in 1977. Buried beside Floye.  

Aunt Floye, on the right, is pictured with Mamma Dickens, Howard D. (me) and my brother Gene in 1942. This picture was made beside the Whites Creek Pike, just outside the Springfield City Limits.
Floye and John Warreen Covington are buried in Robertson County Memorial Gardens, Springfield, TN. Photo by HDD, 2000.
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