Nancy Jane Campbell, Nov 8, 1849 - Jan 21, 1936
Nancy Jane Campbell; mother of Johnie Maude Campbell Dickens and older sister Mary Adlyne Campbell Fuqua, both of whom married and moved to Springfield, TN from Putnam Co. TN. circa 1910. I don't know any of the Campbell lineage but I think they were a large family. Some of Nancy Jane's kin still occupy the Campbell land. I visited there in the 1970's and I met another daughter of Nancy Jane. I went back to see her later and found that she had died in a house fire.
The Campbells live down a gravel road that runs beside the Bethany Methodist Church on Highway 70 N in Putnam County.
The Campbell Cemetery is a small one on the south side of Hy 70 N about 2 miles west of Bethany Church. It is close to the highway and most easily seen when approaching from the east; when you see some high voltage power lines overhead, you are very close. Watch carefully or you'll pass it.
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Nancy Jane Campbell, Nov 8, 1849 - Jan 21, 1936

Nancy Jane Campbell of Putnam County, TN

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Bethany Methodist Church, Putnam County, TN

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