William Neily Dickens, born August 17, 1912, died December 1, 1975.

Neily died of a stroke. He was the fifth child of William Jasper and Johnie Maude Dickens.

Neily married Bernice Head of Robertson County, TN. They had one daughter, Donna Dickens Edgin, now deceased. She died of cancer.

Uncle Neily was one of my favorite people. He was mild mannered, soft spoken, easy to get along with. He was well known in Robertson County. His favorite sport was baseball which he played before World War 2 for Springfield High School. Before joining the Army Air Force he lived at home with Mama Dickens on Batts Blvd. in Springfield and he served a large area of Robertson County delivering Coca Cola products from a big yellow truck. He had a Boston Terrior Bull Dog named Mickey.

Each day at noon Mickey would stand at the Front window watching for Uncle Neily to drive up in that big yellow truck for lunch and a brief nap; in the evening Mickey would stand at the window again, waiting for Uncle Neily To come home. When Uncle Neily went away to serve his country in WW2, each day at noon and again in the evening, Mickey stood at the window looking up and down the street For Uncle Neily to come home. Mickey continued doing this until she finally died. I buried her beside the house in the little flower garden.

Perhaps my talent for electronics was sparked by Uncle Neily. I remember that after his Basic Training, he went to Radio School. When he came home on furlough, I was eleven or twelve. He brought a book of his hand-drawn radio diagrams which I found very interesting. Many years later I studied electronics and I've drawn hundreds of circuit diagrams. Thanks, Uncle Neily.
Uncle Neily's marker at Robertson County Memorial Gardens. Photos 2000, HDD.

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