William Jasper and Johnie Maude Dickens shortly before he
died in 1939. He had a heart condition known at that time
as 'dropsy'. I can remember him sitting up all night in a rocking chair near the fireplace because his condition kept
him awake. I was under 7 years old but I remember being
with him several times. He had been a carpenter and I loved playing with his box of tools. He left me those tools when he died. This picture was made at 1113 Batts Blvd. in Springfield.

Photo 2000. HDD.
William Jasper and Johnie Maude Dickens' grave marker.
They are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Springfield, TN.

William Jasper Dickens , July/10/1877 - Feb/26/1939.
He died of a heart condition called 'dropsy'.
Johnie Maude Campbell Dickens , Oct/19/1887 - Sept/06/1963.
She died of a stroke.

William Jasper was the fourth son of Joshua Jr. Dickens of Smith County, TN and Johnie Maude was a daughter of Nancy Jane Campbell of Putnam County, TN.

(NOTE: William Jasper's dad, Joshua Jr., was not a son of Joshua Sr. Dickens. Joshua Sr. was his uncle. The younger Joshua became known as Jr. and the elder Joshua became known as Sr. when in 1865 the Smith County Court named the uncle Joshua as Jr.'s guardian after Jr.'s father John Dickens died.
They were known as Sr. and Jr. for the remainder of their lives. I think John (Joshua Jr.'s dad) was killed in the Civil War but I haven't proven that. I do know that Joshua Sr. was wounded in the shoulder. Now back to William Jasper and Johnie Maude.)

The immediate family of William J. and Johnie M. knew them as Poppa and Mamma Dickens.

They were parents of: a daughter who died in childhood
(I don't know this daughter's name but Mamma Dickens had a Memorial Certificate for her which hung on the wall in a picture frame), and Mamie Virginia Dickens Evans, Mary Floy Dickens Covington, Ernest Curtis, and William Neily Dickens.
Their six grandchildren are Virginia Evans Craft, Donna Dickens Edgin, Howard, Gene, Larry and Donald Dickens.
In the 1910 Census they were living in the home of Nancy Jane Campbell in Putnam County, TN (Mamma Dickens' mother). They moved to Springfield, TN soon after the 1910 census was taken.

The most outstanding trait of Poppa Dickens was his honesty and charity. My dad said Poppa Dickens could have been a rich man if he had not been so honest. As a carpenter contractor he figured jobs to the penny and he never charged any more than the materials cost plus a days wages for himself and his employees. He was a good man and I grew up proud to be his grandson.
My Dickens Memorials
My grandfather and grandmother.

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