In the late 1980s I began tracing my line of the Dickens family.  Unfortunately, all the people who could have furnished me with details were already dead. My information came from many hours of searching in the State of Tennessee Archives, Courthouse records, and Libraries.

This desire to know impressed upon me the importance of leaving a paper trail about my own life so that those who come after me won't wonder about my childhood. So I began writing, and writing, and writing. I intend to continue adding information to this site as time permits.

After I finished my broad outline, I was so pleased that I was the one whose privelege it was to bring some of the history and names of our forefathers from dusty record books and fading grave markers, back to life. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I wished  I could find something that would tell me more about their everyday lives such as a journal or a diary.

Recently I talked with an old friend who has worked in Funeral Homes for many of his eighty years. He remarked that so many people don't begin thinking about the lives of older family members until after they are all dead - and then it's too late to ask questions.

Memories and Comments 1932 and Beyond

With my parents during the Great Depression
With Mamma Dickens during the 1940s

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