The widow Sarah Courtright Van Sickle married Henry Redmond. Date unknown.
The family left Terre Haute, Indiana and arrived in the Lead Mine District in 1832.
They crossed the Mississippi River to Dubuque, Iowa in 1833.
Ann Drusilla Van Sickle, the youngest of Sarah's daughters married Isham Hardin(g) in 1835.
The family all moved to Clayton County, Iowa in 1836.
Ann's husband Isham Hardin(g) died before their baby, Henry Harding was born.
Ann Drusilla Van Sickle Hardin(g) then married Edward Glover (Ned) Dickens on May 27, 1837.
There is no mention of how long young Henry Hardin(g) lived with Ann Drusilla, his mother. In 1850 he lived with his grandmother, Sarah Redmond. Ann does mention her twelve children of which Edward Glover Dickens was the father of eleven.

In addition to grandson Henry Hardin(g), Sarah and Henry Redmond had other family members living in their home in 1850. (Redmond was misspelled in this census).

1850 Census, Clayton County, Iowa. 
4 41 41 Redman Henry      60   M    Farmer       Va
 5 41 41 Redman Sarah      66    F                       N.Y.
 6 41 41 Hardin Henry P.   18    M                      Iowa
 7 41 41 Courtright John     50   M    Laborer      N.Y.
 8 41 41 Vansickle Jacob   46     M    Laborer     N.Y.
 9 41 41 Willet Gilbert        28    M    Laborer      Iowa
10 41 41 Willet Caroline     18    F                       Ia

In addition to the grandson, Henry Hardin(g) (who was 14 not 18), 
Sarah's son Jacob Van Sickle was there,
John Courtright (of Sarah's family) from New York was there.
I don't know who the Willets are.

From Ann Drusilla's great granddaughter Zilla Flagg [4] page 31, para 108:
"Solomon Courtwright lived to be 94. In 1861, there was a reunion of his descendants at which more than 300 were present, among whom were eleven of his daughters ---including Sarah Van Sickle who was the youngest of his children."
(My note: she was 77 in 1861.)

Page 06.
Page 06.

So now we know. The paragraph of  Dr.Van Sickle's 1880 book,  "... Sarah ...  In 1827 she removed to Jo Daviess County, Illinois, where she resided until her death, which occurred in September, 1849." which has so often been quoted as proving the where and when of the death of  Sarah Courtright, sometimes listed as Sarah Van Sickle, is not correct.  

At this time I don't know the date of Sarah's death. If there is a paper account of when she died in Clayton County, Iowa, Sharyl Ferrall will eventually find it.


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The Redmond household in 1850
Sarah Courtright Van Sickle Redmond
         A Northeast Iowa Pioneer
I've used the 1850 Census to determine Sarah's age of birth. I think all researchers know the census age in the early days is sometimes not exact  but often it is the only source available.